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Our Technology and Approach

To facilitate the fast and reliable measurement of biomarkers, we intend to introduce the miniaturized automated POC system based on a cartridge with an integrated electrical biochip for ELISA-based decentralized detection of biomarkers.


This system allows the detection of multiple biomarkers in 2 μL of serum or whole blood within 7 minutes using an ELISA directly on a gold electrode array.


The sensitivity of this system is comparable with standard microtiter plate ELISAs, but the duration of the novel assay is 2-3% that of standard ELISA’s.


Next to the wide range of possible customized applications, the following established tests are available including all required assay reagents in ready-to-use-kits for the biochip system:


  • Hepatitis C antibodies (HCV)
  • C-reactive protein (CRP)
  • Prostate specific antigen (PSA)


The CAMPTON Biochip Reader™ is in particular suitable for the use in laboratories, but also usable for on-site applications.


Competitors often use light to detect the diseases whereas the newly developed CAMPTON-Technology uses electrical diversions, meaning the CAMPTON-Technology is more robust and is therefore suitable for the use in any climate.